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Privacy Policy

A cookie is a small text file that the website server saves on your computer or device. This allows the visitor's actions and preferences to be remembered so that they do not have to be re-entered every time you visit the website again or when you move from one page to another.


Cookies are widely used to ensure the operation or efficiency of websites, because they provide the owner of the website with information about the operation of the website.

The website managed by Blend Agency OÜ uses the following types of cookies: essential, functional, marketing and statistical cookies.

Necessary cookies - is a cookie that is essential for moving around the website and using its basic functions, for the website to function. In the absence of a necessary cookie, it is not possible to use all the main functions of the website.

Statistical cookies - is a cookie that allows the website to remember the previous choices made by the visitor and thus provide more efficient and personalized functions, enables the recognition of the same visitor when repeatedly visiting the same website during a certain period of time, in order to provide a better user experience for the purpose of remembering certain settings and preferences or collecting statistics .

Marketing cookies - These cookies are used to monitor the effectiveness of advertising in order to provide a more relevant service and provide better advertising based on your interests.

Functionality cookies  - These cookies collect data to remember choices made by users to improve and provide a more personalized user experience. 

If a person contacts Blend Agency OÜ via the website form (contact on the page), the email address is saved in order to contact the person. The email address is not used for other purposes. 

Third-party cookies originate from our service provider and are used in web traffic analytics. We use third-party (Google Analytics) cookies on the website.


Third-party services are not under the control of Blend Agency OÜ, and service providers may change their terms of use, the purpose of cookies, etc. at any time, so we always recommend that you also familiarize yourself with the third-party privacy policy and cookie settings.


The statistical cookies used on this website come from a third party. Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google LLC, is used. Google installs a set of cookies on the visitor's device, which collects information about the use of the website and provides website usage statistics. The Google Analytics web analysis tool allows the website owner to understand and analyze how visitors use the website. The collected information is sent by the visitor's web browser to Google servers. The visitors' personal data is not transferred to Google servers.


You can read additional information about Google Analytics cookies here:

By sharing your email by registering to a freesocial media audit or by completing the form on the homepage, you automatically opt-in to receive Blend Agency newsletters.

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