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Make sales. Generate passive income.
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Blend Agency - Partner Program

Welcome to a unique affiliate program opportunity in Estonia and abroad. We are looking for people who are entrepreneurial sales people and who want to earn passive income in addition to the normal commission. For example, if you bring a client to Blend Agency who starts paying 2000€ per month, you will earn 10% or 200€ per month. The more and bigger the number of clients, the higher the passive income!

1. Register
Join a number of sales professionals who earn with the Blend Agency affiliate program. 
2. Do sales
Look for Blend Agency loyal customers through calling or other communication channels.
3. Earn passive income
Earn a PASSIVE INCOME of up to 10% on each loyal client who has signed a contract with Blend Agency. 

Mis on keskmine kliendi tellimus Blend Agency-lt?

Summa sõltub alati kliendist ja nende vajadustest. Teenuse tellimused on alates 1000€-st kuni 10 000€-ni kliendi kohta.
Make sales. Generate passive income.
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